A rainy, cool and kind of hot sunny day


The weather today obviously don't know what to do with itself.

This morning I woke up to a cloudy sky and pretty low temperature and I was thinking it would be lovely to take a ride on my bike. After breakfast the temperature had risen to a too hot and humid kind of bad weather like the one we sweated through Gröna Lund in and after a while the sun peeked out from behind the clouds. I thought hey, I can change to shorts and take a walk to the park and bring my book. But first I decided to drink a large glass of icy water and have a popsicle to freshen up and as I drank the last drop of water the clouds came back again. And this time it brought heavy rain as well.

So there I sat in my shorts all sad again. Now it looks like it's sunny again but I don't trust it so I guess I'll just stay inside and get ready for tonight. Because tonight will be fun! Me and some friends are going out in El Stockholmo and I've really missed them. Tons.

World Elephant Day

The other day I joked about how every day is a special day. Me and a friend remebered #InternationalGirlfriendDay trending on twitter for August 1 and we laughed because it was ridiculous. Later I searched the web for "special" days and I found out that every day indeed is a very special day. According to, January 3 is the chocolate covered cherry day, Mars 1 is plan-a-solo-vacation day and November 28 is the flossing day. There are different things for every day of the year. But says it's the rice pudding day today. I don't agree. For weeks now I've had World Elephant Day in my calendar for today.

It was a couple of weeks ago that I came over this site that is actually a campaign created by The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust to raise awareness of the threat facing the survival of elephants.

I am an animal lover and elephants are amongst my favorites. But unfortunately one elephant is slaughtered every 15 minute for ivory! Poachers cut off heads with tusks big enough and leave the rest of the elephant's family on it's own. Sometimes just infants that can't do anything else but stay by their mother until they die of starvation. I hate how awful and uncontrollable the situation is and I wish there was more for me to do than just write this here and hope for anyone who reads this to go to THIS site and sign the petition and say no to ivory trade and mass murder of an intelligent species.

Click here to sign the petition!

Because I would like to witness wild elephants 2025 and beyond.

Gröna Lund


The 4th of August, 2014 - the day the air tried to boil all human life in Stockholm into one giant puddle of sweat - the same day as three of my lovely friends and I decided to go to Gröna Lund amusement park (in Stockholm) - the day that I almost swallowed a wasp but decided to spit it out in case it wasn't a chunk of mango - the day I enjoyed the capitol of Sweden from bird perspective, dangling my feet from a swing 400 feet above the ground - the day I should have spent hiding in the shadow under a big tree wearing a bikini (me wearing the bikini, not the tree, just to clarify) - the day I walked so much my shoes broke and had to be thrown away - a day I surely will remeber for a long time, with joy.

And yes, I am still recovering.



Today I've been reunited with Alice all day and I can't seem to stop laughing at her reactions to things sometimes. Now when she can be outside more it seems she's gotten super aware of everything. She looks a bit like a paranoid maniac but in a happy and excited kind of way. It makes me happy to see.

Is it just me or are there billions of bumblebees more this summer than usually? They are everywhere I look! Not that they bother me, they're actually pretty cool, but there's sooo many of them!

I haven't got enough sleep in days so I'm gonna go to bed soon, but first I'm gonna play some guitar because I've really missed playing guitar.

Trampoline fun


Right now I'm at my aunts house visiting Alice. I have missed that cat so much this past week and when we got here yesterday she seemed happy to see her former parents/carers too. We'll stay here all week if we want and take care of the cats, flowers and endless shelves of dvd's. Last night we watched Bad Teacher and Water for Elephants and I highly recommend the latter.

The trampoline fun pictures are from the other day I spent at my dad's. But I couldn't jump myself since I have a mysteriously sprained foot that also kept me from going to Gröna Lund (an amusementpark in Stockholm) this weekend. . .  But we rescheduled to Wednesday instead so I'm just as happy anyways. Also it's almost completely healed now and I don't have to wear my bandage anymore.

Epic gathering


I love my friends for being awesome. If you by any chance would put them in a container the label would say 'Pure Awesomeness'. That's how awesome they are.

And yesterday was spent with most of them by a lake not far from where one lives. By the lake we swam, declared water balloon war, barbequed, danced, ran away from wasps and enjoyed summer.

It's sad that this gathering was a sort of wrap party for our time being young and still living home and close to eachother. After this point people will start moving away to do stuffs with their lives. Some to study and some to work. Some to become great architects, some to become world champions and some to light up the world with their prescense.

No matter what happens, this odd assembly of human beings will always hold a special place in my heart.

First sushi ever


Hello, my appointment at the hospital went well. I'm not dying after all, I just have streptococcus, and now I'm on antibiotics so I should be fine in no time. Downside of the medicine though; constant but barely noticeable nausea.

After that I went home and loaded myself up so that I could walk down to town in the looming sun and the hot air with my broken bike without passing out on the way. I made it through and while waiting for them to repair it I had time to pick up my prescripted medicine and meet up with mom. We went to the city park with sushi-to-go. It was the first time I ate sushi in all my life. The seaweed smelled awesome but gave me nausea everytime I tried to eat it. The ginger was a little too spicy but the salmon with rice dipped in soy was my favourite. I was highly disappointed in the wasabi. It wasn't hot at all and only tasted of disgusting horseradish.


On our way home we bought ourselves frozen yoghurt since mom has been nagging about how she's always wanted to taste it.

Now I'm here changing my blog's platform. I really like more than so here I'll stay.





Two doctor visits and a flat tire


I woke up early today, half past 6, yay me! But it wasn't because of something nice. A few days ago I got this blister thingy in my face by my right temple that hasn't healed yet and now yesterday I saw that it had spread very much down my cheek and I just can't ignore it anymore. So this morning I went for a visit to the doctor and there I got a new appointment to a specialist at 11 so now I am sitting here at home, waiting to go again.


After my appointment with the doctor I'm once and for all going to get my bicycle fixed and get the inner tube replaced. But having to walk to town with a flat tire-bike in this heat is nothing I look forward to. Not the slightest. But when it's fixed, then finally I will be biking every hour of the day again!








Yesterday morning I wrote how I hoped for cooler weather and now I just want to clearify that I had nothing to do with yesterdays hail- and thunderstorm that flooded great parts of Stockholm. However, I do confess that I sat out on the balcony yesterday in the rain and listened for the thunder and truly enjoyed it.


Today I've had a terrible morning with the worst menstrual cramps so far in my life. Two alvedon and one ipren saved me enough to be able to leep it out. Now when it's calmed down I find myself thinking over a lot of things.


I think about how I really miss my friends right now. I think of how extremely much I want out of this country. I think of how I need to repair my flat tire again. And, I think of how I rather want answers for my job applications ASAP. I'm getting impatient and restless here at home.

Weekly phoneshots


This whole week has been really lazy. Much because I've had to stay inside hiding from the outdoor heat. There's not much things that's happened worth capturing in my phone camera. So, this weeks phoneshots is snaps I'd "forgotten about" or just didn't know existed from last week in Skåne. I think the top one with the jeans haning to dry is wonderful. I really hope for a cooler and more exciting week to come now!

One year later


In june last year, I was a photographer at my aunts wedding. It was a wonderful and beautiful day and I shot many pretty photos. But because of multiple reasons I've found it hard to sit down and edit and go through them all. This lasted until earlier today when I finished them all in one go. Of course I've shown the pictures to the bride and groom before but because they were not edited and complete I never gave them away. But today I'm done and as soon as possible I will share the pictures with them. Hey, they're only slightly more than one year late.

Parting of family

♥ Alice 


Hi, late entry today. I'm not really in a mood to write at the moment. What I have to write about brings tears to my eyes.

For a week now I've known that we were going to hand our beautiful cat Alice over to my aunt and her family today so she gets the opportunity to be outdoors and have a happier life. But it hasn't felt real to me until now when she's already gone.

When I sit in the sofa, no one jumps up in my knee to cuddle. When I cook, no one strokes lovingly around your feet for attention. Our bathroom has no litter box. Our kitchen has no food bowls on the floor. Our livingroom has no cat climbing frame. What's left is memories and cat hairs.


We are now one family member less and my heart is aching. But I know it's for her best and we will be able to visit her often.

Time to wake up


I think the time has come for me to end my self-appointed "summer vacation" which really is my first period of unemployment after graduation. Start waking up early and have a serious cup of coffee. The last few days has been so alike I can barely separate them. I get up in the morning - wait no, I don't - I wake up around 10 am, pick up my phone and start update instagram and twitter and facebook and bloglovin and make sure my villages in my boring mobilegames hasn't fallen apart and then continue to press refresh buttons everywhere, waiting for something new to pop up. When the clock strikes 3 pm I might climb out of my bed to eat something in between breakfast- and lunchlike and put on half an outfit before I get stuck surfin around on my laptop. This is, sadly, how my days has been since I got home from Skåne last saturday. But today there has been change.

Perhaps today has been quite chill as well but I've also applied for a job. Frankly, this is me taking a blogging pause from writing my second job application for today. I have also cooked a whole meal with fried vegetables and eggs for lunch and have also found time to take out the trash. Tonight I'm going cycling when the air gets cooler and more comfortable to be outside in. My bike doesn't have a flat tire anymore! When my bike is well, I am well.

Bridge photoshoot


That one spontaneous photoshoot evening at the Öresunds bridge. So close to Denmark, yet so far away.


Today I've stayed in my bed watching tv-series and youtube vloggers almost all day. My back and my butt still hurts so badly from the sunburns and I guess I'm feeling a bit sad over myself for it. I'm in a down kind of mood today.

I had bad mood days like this more frequently before but nowadays it's gotten much better. Maybe I should add that I've gone through a long period of depression from somewhere around ninth grade until half of my third and last year at secondary school. And it's not like I got well over one night and suddenly could appreciate life again. No, this is a long process that I'm going through right now and I can still fall down sometimes on my way to feeling completely well. But I know that I am heading towards this wellbeing and it gives me a lot of self-confidence and strength to carry on reaching for it. It's like I'm starting to catch a glimpse of the finishline for something big and something that I at first never thought I was capable of finishing.


I'm aware that this isn't all fun to read about so I'm gonna stop now. But if any of you wants to know more about my journey or if you want to share your own story or have questions or whatever, I'd be pleased if you commented here. For now: here's a little cool peptalk that I stumbled upon today on the web.