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Shoutout to my instagram account: _nessimas ;)

Right now I'm sitting by the computer with a large cup of coffee and an insatiable hunger for inspiration. Lately, I've seen so many beautiful and inspiring films on youtube and seen so many inspiring instagrams and read amazing blog posts and it feels like I just can't get enough. I didn't have anything else on my mind that I wanted to share in this form right now but maybe I will start making a film myself and see what happens or maybe I'll record a cover of some great song or maybe just keep getting inspired by others work for a while.


För ganska exakt ett år sedan fick jag idén att starta ett nytt privat instagramkonto där jag kunde ladda upp bilder ur mitt liv exklusivt i svartvitt. Planen var att runt nyår framkalla bilderna från hela 2014 via Printasquare och skapa ett fotoalbum. Jag känner mig själv och hade inga höga förväntningar på projektet. Jag är snabb att komma på idéer och projekt jag vill göra men är i ungefär max en vecka redo att lägga ner min själ i arbetet. (Bloggen är tyvärr ett sådant exempel). Sedan brukar de läggas på hyllan under en tid och samla damm. Men i de flesta fall dammar jag av dem och gör klart dem någon annan gång.

Detta projekt däremot kan jag stolt meddela att jag klarade av att hålla fast vid året ut. Totalt beställde jag hem 100 svartvita bilder som alla betydde något för mig. Jag köpte ett passande fotoalbum och har nu suttit och klistrat in dem. Det var en jättekul grej att sitta och pyssla med och som även fick mig att reflektera över 2014, vad jag gjorde och inte gjorde. Jag hoppas att jag klarar ett år till och att det kan bli en nyårs-tradition.

Nu är det dags att fylla 2015 med nya minnen.

What's up what's down


What's up? I haven't posted in a while and the winning reason is that my life has been completely boring for a while now. I have mostly stayed home, applied to lots of jobs, biked, netflixed, applied to more jobs, tried to cook and that's about it.

Today was more exciting than usual. I got a call from my dad saying he was in town and we grabbed lunch together and talked for a good hour or so. It was nice getting away from what has now become my routine. We also made sure everything's in order for me to book completing lessons and tests for my drivers license so now, finally, I feel like I'm getting closer to that darn card.

What's up tomorrow is of great importance and awesomeness. In March this year I was first camera (wo)man for a short film called 'Zombies i Orten' which is really a very cliché zombie script. By this date the movie has been completely edited and mastered and so the big premiere is tomorrow and I am so looking forward to that!

I have been up late now trying on all my dresses and shoes and hairstyles and wow, I am sooo excited for tomorrow. I will bring my camera and let you know how the event turned out in the near future. Now, some beauty sleep.

Weekly phoneshots


This whole week has been really lazy. Much because I've had to stay inside hiding from the outdoor heat. There's not much things that's happened worth capturing in my phone camera. So, this weeks phoneshots is snaps I'd "forgotten about" or just didn't know existed from last week in Skåne. I think the top one with the jeans haning to dry is wonderful. I really hope for a cooler and more exciting week to come now!

A week in july

This week's instagrams.