Grand Zombie Premiere

My best friend and derp me.

My good friend and producer Magnus G Bergström.

Moa brought along her boyfriend Konrad and her sister Anna.

Oh, look it's derpy me again, on stage this time.

The big group of wonderful people who has made the production come true. The ones with flowers are especially extraordinary!

I thought I'd have posted this sooner but things come up, they always do. . .

Last friday was amazing in many ways. After months of waiting and four hours of bus traveling I was finally at the grand premiere of 'Zombies i Orten' which is the cliché zombie film I was shooting in March this year. The film turned out okey on the big screen, considering the almost non-existing budget we had. Note to self: steadycams are NOT overrated.

It was my second experience with a bigger movie production but my role was slightly upgraded (during the first I was mostly a production assistant but now I was the one holding the camera). It was a super fun but freezing and hard experience. Filming isn't all about pressing the rec button and have people act in front of a lens, it is so much more, and none of it would have been possible without all the amazing people working together. I am so grateful for having met every single one of them.

Afterwards, a few of us old enough went to a local bar and hung out and talked over a beer or two and it was very nice and needed. I hope it won't take forever for me to meet them again this time. It probably will. . . no, Ida, keep up the positivity.




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