Skåne day 3: Ljunghusen beach


Yesterday we were on the beach playing in the sun and in the really shallow water. The reason for me not posting this yesterday is sadly enough not the fact that there's no steady internet connection. . . The truth is, I spent yesterday evening and the following night having such bad sunburns all over my backside (from heels to neck) that my body went into shock and I got a weird fever-thingy.

It was lovely yesterday on the beach but "Ida, sunscreen? Ever heard of it??"

I tend to always think that "Nah, I don't get burned" and then every time ending up having burns. What is wrong with me?

So today I'm sitting here with my pains and my loneliness while the rest of my family takes on beach day number two. I hope they're having a great time but part of me feels schadenfreude that they forgot their thermos with coffee here with me. But now I've got plenty of time to edit pictures so here are the pictures I took at the beach and now I'm gonna edit some I took during our little evening adventure to the Öresunds bridge.


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