To spend long days living so closely to one another here in our little cottage has really made me learn a few things about my youngest siblings. They are super interested in photography and asked to borrow both mine and dad's cameras every hour. Even though Nora, 5 years old, could use a bit stronger arms to fully be able to keep the camera level and still enough not to blur every picture she's got the interest and that is all it takes to learn and get better.

It got me thinking of when I got my first crappy camera at the age of six. I was so excited I could die.

Filip is 8 and he takes photos with his iphone (oh, I know how wrong it is, bring it up with his parents). My oldest little sister Emma is 17 and now she's in to taking a class in photography for next semester. I just think it's interesting how we all seem to follow the same path.


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