World Elephant Day

The other day I joked about how every day is a special day. Me and a friend remebered #InternationalGirlfriendDay trending on twitter for August 1 and we laughed because it was ridiculous. Later I searched the web for "special" days and I found out that every day indeed is a very special day. According to, January 3 is the chocolate covered cherry day, Mars 1 is plan-a-solo-vacation day and November 28 is the flossing day. There are different things for every day of the year. But says it's the rice pudding day today. I don't agree. For weeks now I've had World Elephant Day in my calendar for today.

It was a couple of weeks ago that I came over this site that is actually a campaign created by The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust to raise awareness of the threat facing the survival of elephants.

I am an animal lover and elephants are amongst my favorites. But unfortunately one elephant is slaughtered every 15 minute for ivory! Poachers cut off heads with tusks big enough and leave the rest of the elephant's family on it's own. Sometimes just infants that can't do anything else but stay by their mother until they die of starvation. I hate how awful and uncontrollable the situation is and I wish there was more for me to do than just write this here and hope for anyone who reads this to go to THIS site and sign the petition and say no to ivory trade and mass murder of an intelligent species.

Click here to sign the petition!

Because I would like to witness wild elephants 2025 and beyond.


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