Memory lane island


After a rainchecked nights out with my friends this friday (literally; the rain kept me inside) and a pretty disappointing start of my weekend I decided I missed my youngest siblings too much not to go to Stockholm. So yesterday I packed my bags and went to my dad's. I spent the evening there with my second family but after a few hugs and giggles with the small ones I felt my craving for Ljusterö was bigger and packed my bags and left once again. Now I'm sitting here in my grandparents slightly uncomfortable armchair in their small country house on the island of my roots. Ljusterö is the island where I grew up. I lived here for eight years before my parents split and we moved to the mainland.

Everytime I come here I feel a bit like a child. When I walked down the unpaved road to get to my grandparent's house I walked past the house I used to live in and although much has changed I still remeber every room.

Being here brings up many memories. Not least swimming in the lake in the pictures above. Even though it's a bit sad to see what my/our family left behind when the separation yanked me away from this place, it's nice to be here now. And I am so glad that many family members still lives here.


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