Hardcore plans and flying cousins


My few days on the island flew by fast. There's just not enough time in the world for places like that.

The second day I waited for my cousin to get home from school, then we fourwheeled down to the lake and swam and jumped and dived and searched the bottom for stuff until our ears hurt. Then we got up and talked about everything on earth and beyond. We also made plans for a pretty hardcore survive-in-the-woods-with-only-a-knife-Bear-Grylls-style adventure for next summer. I am so excited for that and even though we'll probably need this time to prepare ourselves, I can't wait!

It was really nice catching up with my cousin. We see eachother way too little for being such good friends. But he is the kind of person that I can just catch up from where we left off with without any awkward silences no matter how long ago it was that we met.

At least we have Snapchat!


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